Hurry up and get credit for married people.


A loan is generally approved if the required creditworthiness is sufficient. Whether married or single is secondary. Banks like to see couples signing the loan. The reason lies in the double protection of the loan. Especially when both partners are employed and receive a salary. But even a single receives a loan if the income is sufficiently high.

Not everyone is married, there are widows and divorces who can also apply for a loan. The version that a loan for married people can generally only be taken out in pairs is also incorrect. Even if the creditworthiness is correct here, a married partner can also get a loan alone.

A distinction can be made between a spouse loan and a spouse loan.

A distinction can be made between a spouse loan and a spouse loan.

However, a married person is advised not to take out a loan that the partner does not know about. Sooner or later this can lead to marital problems. If a partner now wants the loan alone, he must have a sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment-free limit. The income must come from a self-employed activity. The Credit Bureau must also be unencumbered and must not contain any negative entries. If a partner can meet these requirements of the bank, the loan for married couples will be approved.

The internet shows advertisements for so-called housewife loans. Married partners get a loan here even when they are not working. Here the partner’s income is probably included in the loan by means of proof, for example on the account statement, but the partner does not have to sign. However, it is small loans whose amount is limited.

Spouses are also liable for the other partner’s debts if they have applied for a common life loan. Banks want collateral when they approve a loan. If a customer is married, the bank inevitably asks for the partner’s signature. The advantage of the bank is that it has double credit protection through two incomes. For example, even if the woman only has a half-day job because she has to look after children, the bank calculates the two incomes as a loan basis and evaluates the loan application positively.

If only one partner is working, the bank is already examining it more closely. It will draw up a budget and compare revenue with expenditure. If there is financial scope, the credit for married couples could have a chance of success. The calculation also includes how many people live in the household and how many are subject to maintenance. If the loan is secured by income, the income must have a attachable portion of at least 100 USD.

If one partner’s working income is sufficient, the loan will be approved. However, the Credit Bureau must be clean, it must not contain any negative entries. The employment relationship must also exist for at least one year, it must not be limited and it should not include a trial period. If the employment contract shows a time limit or trial period, a loan could be approved that must be paid within the time limit.

Neither the bank nor the applicant know what comes after the time limit. If the applicant becomes unemployed or is taken on. The banks are then too risky for married couples and could be refused. If both spouses receive social benefits, the bank generally rejects the loan for married people. Social benefits are state funds that are generally used only for living expenses and a loan can rarely be paid from them.

In addition, government benefits may not be attached if the loan were to default. Even extended credit protection with a guarantor or second borrower cannot approve a loan; there is simply no requirement to pay installments on a loan.

Banks like to see loan collateral when applying for a loan.

Banks like to see loan collateral when applying for a loan.

Especially when a higher loan amount is needed. You reduce the risk of default and banks reject the application without extended credit protection. Especially when the income is not high enough or the Credit Bureau is negatively burdened. A second borrower or a guarantor could then provide the necessary security for the married couple’s loan.

Most banks ask for a second co-applicant when they see that the loan seeker is married. If the loan application is signed by both partners, the bank could access both partners in the event of a loan default. A loan for married people is also recommended, which both sign if a larger loan amount is to be taken up, think of real estate financing or a high-priced car. A small loan to buy the latest TV model, for example, could be granted credit, but always provided that the credit rating is correct.

Loan seekers who can not prove any income, although there may be funds that may come from illegal employment or think of a self-employed person, these people do not receive a loan. The self-employed must provide some more documents that show their creditworthiness.

The way out could be a loan from the dealer. This often offers good financing, think of the 0% financing here. The credit check is not as strict as a bank. The goods are available to the dealer as a deposit.

The loan for married people does not necessarily have to be taken out at the house bank or another branch bank. Direct banks in particular are in vogue and score with favorable conditions. An online bank also offers better comparison options. The customer can carry out a credit comparison and sees at a glance the best providers with their terms and conditions listed. If a provider is selected, the loan application can be made directly via the loan comparison. It couldn’t be easier.

However, the focus should not only be on the effective annual interest rate, but also whether special repayments and installment hours are offered. If the special repayments are offered, a somewhat higher interest rate would make sense. Both partners must also sign the online loan for married couples. Proof of salary from the last three months and bank statements from the same period and a copy of the employment contract are required as credit documents.

If the creditworthiness of one partner is poor and the other partner has good creditworthiness, there would also be the possibility of borrowing. If both partners have a bad Credit Bureau, the Credit Bureau-free loans would be considered.


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